Disney Infinity Character Review: Vanellope

Hope you got a sweet tooth, because Vanellope is here! With glitching as her super power, Vanellope sweetens up any world.

vanellope gameplay


Like Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope can also throw cherry bombs. The only difference is that hers are more hi-def. She also has a tackle attack, that causes enemies to glitch out a bit. Her glitching ability also lets her dodge very quickly. Vanellope works best as a distance character. Tackle an oncoming enemy, then throw a bomb at them for a quick combo. Definitely keep an eye out for her candy cart too! It is so much fun to drive.


Melee: **

Ranged: ***

Reflexes: ****

If you’re a fan of Wreck-It Ralph like me, then you should totally get Vanellope. She’s available separately or in the Wreck-it Ralph pack.

Vanellope box

ralph toy box pack

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