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Step 1: Take a crash test dummy. Step 2: Put said crash test dummy in a vehicle. Step 3: Crash your vehicle for points. That is the simplicity of Turbo Dismount. It’s much more than a car wrecking simulator. Turbo Dismount is a zany, anything goes kind of game.

turbo Dismount game

In the game, you don’t really control your character. You choose the steering. The arrows point to where your vehicle goes. You can change your character conveniently in the game. Choose from a normal man or woman body, a huskier body, or a long, lanky body. You can also conveniently choose your vehicle. Burn rubber in a sports car, shred on a skateboard, or even cause mayhem in a chicken car. Each car and body has their own unique poses that makes every dismount more ridiculous than the last. Finally, you can set down different obstacles, like ramps, walls, turbo pads, or even landmines. There are so many possibilities.

.Doge dismount

To up the silliness, you can add a face to your guy, like Doge above. Personally, I like putting celebrity faces on my guy. There’s nothing funnier than watching a guy with George W. Bush’s face get destroyed by traffic.

This is my dream game. I love watching the rag dolls get mangled by traffic and blown to pieces. Also, I love to watch other people play this game, like Markiplier and JackSepticEye on Youtube. Turbo Dismount is simple fun. The game does get a little repetitive if you play it too often, but it is a great stress reliever. You can find this game on PC/Steam, iOS, or Android. I give Turbo Dismount 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh, and parents, don’t worry. There is no blood and gore in Turbo Dismount!

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