Saints Row the Third DLC review: The Trouble with Clones

The Trouble with Clones is the second DLC mission pack for Saints Row the Third. The Saint’s biggest fan tries to make a clone of the fallen Johnny Gat, but something goes horribly wrong. Now the clone is on the loose and it’s up to you and Peirce to get it under control.


Mission 1: Weird Science

The first mission has you driving around, searching for your clone friend. All the while being narrated like you’re in a fan fiction. On the way, you encounter the Morningstar gang, who discover the clone and are now hunting it down. After fending off the gang, you then head to the strip club to try and find the clone. Suddenly, the S.W.A.T. team comes in to shoot you down. You must stay inside the strip club and hold your ground. Later on, you are rescued be the number one fan, Jimmy Torbison, who then drives to track down the clone. You help defend the car by shooting rockets at the cop cars and national guard vans. It’s a pretty fun mission and is a good start to the story.

Mission 2: Tour De Farce

In this mission, you wear a protective suit and use the mission exclusive weapon, the Swarm-a-tron bee gun. With it, you must keep the crowd away from the speakers so that the feedback doesn’t spook the clone. You do this at two different locations. On the second location, stay next to the speaker so that you’re not hit by the clone throwing tables and chairs. As soon as the music calms the clone, the National guard ambushes you and you must take them down with rockets. You then must save the clone from being shot down. Then the angry clone attacks you and you must use the bee gun in order to attempt to stop him. This mission is pretty annoying and lengthy, and I’m kinda disappointed that you can’t keep the bee gun.


Mission 3: Send in the Clones

You arrive at Jimmy’s house, only to be knocked out by the clone. You later awaken and find out you now have super powers. You run at super high speed, throw fireballs, deliver powerful punches and make you immune to damage. You head to three different places to find the clone and Peirce, who was taken by the clone. First you spring a trap by the national guard, then another by the Morningstar gang. Finally, you head to the bridge to save both the clone and Peirce from being shot by the national guard. This is probably the most fun mission in the DLC because you get super powers, but I wish you could keep them.

Other than I wish it was more rewarding, The Trouble with Clones is a pretty good mission pack. In fact, I think It inspired the fourth squeal of this game. I can’t wait to tell you all about Saints Row IV.

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