Top 5 Pokemon Go updates I’d like to see

Pokemon Go has had some good updates over the past few months, like the buddy system. I have a few ideas on what they should add next. This is my list of updates that should get made in Pokemon Go. I’ll try not to list announced updates.


#5: Pokemon Trainer battles

Yes I know, you do fight Pokemon in gyms, but it would be fun if you could challenge other players to battles. It would be a good way to earn some experience. I think you should also get a bonus if you beat a trainer of a different team.


#4: Photo Mode

Again, I know you can take pics of wild Pokemon, but what about putting the Pokemon you already have into pictures? I think it would be a cute and fun idea, especially those who want to relive their Pokemon Snap memories.


#3: Generation 2 Pokemon

I have my doubts on this one, but it would be nice to see more Pokemon added in the future. Especially because I would love to own an Umbreon.


#2: New incubator types

One of the main features of Pokemon Go is walking around to hatch Pokemon Eggs. You have one that has unlimited use, but you can buy or earn incubators that have 3 uses. I have some ideas for different incubator types.

  1. Luxurious Incubator: Increases your odds of hatching a more rare Pokemon. Has only 1 use, so use wisely
  2. Super Incubator: An incubator that lasts 5 times.
  3. Ultra Incubator: An Incubator that lasts 10 times.


#1: Improved character customization

Let’s face it, avatar creation in Pokemon Go is very limited. You can only pick skin color, hair color, eye, color, and a few styles of clothing. They should emulate the character customization of Miis and the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games. It would also be cute to see some Pokemon cosplay options too.

Well that’s my personal list. Let me know if you guys have other ideas on Updates that Pokemon Go should add.

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