Top 10 Best Looking vehicles in MK8 Deluxe

If there’s one thing that makes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe great, it’s the nice variety of vehicle bodies, wheels, and gliders that you can mix and match to suit your play style. You can race in cars, bikes, or ATVs, all across the mushroom kingdom and beyond. Today, I’m going to list my personal favorite vehicle bodies.

#10: Standard Kart

Kicking off my list is one of the starting karts in the game. The Standard Kart is a basic racing kart, but it has evolved over the years to look more aerodynamic and stylish. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who prefers balanced stats.

#9: Circuit Special

A great looking vehicle for any racing fan, the Circuit Special is built for high speed thrills. It has 4 color schemes, based on who you play as, with different Mushroom Kingdom sponsors on it, like Boomerang Bros. International Airlines.

#8: Inkstriker

An ATV inspired from Splatoon, the Inkstriker missile got converted from weapon into vehicle. Don’t worry, it was probably a dud. Anyway, I find it pretty amusing seeing the Inklings ride atop a missile, kinda like Dr. Strangelove.

#7: Pipe Frame

Ready to get nostalgic? The pipe frame body lets you race in classic fashion, for those of you miss playing Mario Kart 64. While it is lighter and slower than the Standard Kart, it makes up for it with quicker acceleration and tighter turns.

#6: Master Cycle

Nintendo couldn’t bring Epona onto a Mario Kart track. That would lead to a lot of technical problems, and not to mention how dangerous that would be. So, they gave Link the next best thing. This mighty steed is a fast bike, but hard to control. This thing takes some taming, but it’s a very cool bike nonetheless.

#5: Sport Bike

For those who like sport bike racing, this one is for you. The Sport Bike is fast, yet can also make tight turns by performing inside drifts.

#4: Bone Rattler

Don’t laugh at Dry Bowser’s wicked trike. This bad boy is fast and can push almost anyone around. A perfect vehicle for an undead Koopa King.

#3: B Dasher

Mario’s racing kart from Mario Kart DS made it’s return in Mario Kart 7, and returns again in Mario Kart 8. The B Dasher takes inspiration from classic race cars, with an aerodynamic, kazoo shaped body.

#2: Flame Rider

Turn up the heat with the Flame Rider. This bike resembles a Harley with a fiery paint job. The Flame Rider is a well balanced bike with a little humor to it. If you look closely at it’s right side, you can see a fire flower in the middle.

#1: P-Wing

Inspired by the rare power-up in Super Mario Bros. 3, the P-Wing is a sleek sports car. This looks like something I’d drive down the Vegas strip. The P-Wing is speedy and looks super cool when it goes into hover mode.

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