My Top 10 Mortal Kombat X/XL Fatalities 18+ Warning!

Mortal Kombat is a series that’s all about murdering your opponent in morbidly humorous ways. Mortal Kombat X and XL turns the violence level up to 11! Today, I will be listing 10 of my favorite Fatality moves I’ve seen on YouTube.


  1. One fatality per charater
  2. No Klassic fatalities

Top 10 Mortal Kombat X/XL Fatalities

10. Johnny Cage- Here’s Johnny

Johnny Cage is the douche we all know and love…. or hate. As an actor, he’s gotta sneak in some kind of movie reference. Splitting his opponent’s chest wide open, he peaks through the hole and shouts, “Here’s Johnny!” A gross, yet satisfying The Shinning reference.

9. Liu Kang- Splitter

Come on. You gotta admit this fatality looks freakin cool! Sending his opponent flying with a backflip kick, then flying up with a burning kick. After Liu Kang’s feet pierce through the opponent’s body, he does the splits, which rips his opponent in two. Someone didn’t skip leg day.

8. Erron Black- Six-Shooter

The Outworld Cowboy uses his weapon of choice to turn his opponents into Swiss cheese. This is just so fitting for him to shoot his guns at them.

7. Tremor- Stone Tomb

I do not like the idea of my body being crushed by anything, so this one makes me cringe a lot. As Tremor has his opponent trapped, he brings two stone slabs to crush you. Gross!

6. Sub-Zero- Chest Kold

Here’s a chilling death. Blasting his opponent’s chest open with ice, exposing the spine. Then he grabs the spine, and splits it in half. Finally, he lifts up his opponent and splits him in two. Talk about agonizing!

5. Scorpion- Stop Ahead

Scorpion is pretty much the face of Mortal Kombat, so he’s got to have a brutal, and fitting fatality move. He throws a fireball right through his opponent’s chest, having his or her heart dangle. As if that wasn’t sickening enough, Scorpion then slices the opponents face off.

4. Jason- Kill for Mother

After the success of adding Freddy Kreuger in the previous game, it was only natural to add in the famous serial killer, Jason. This kill totally takes reference from the movie, hacking his victim in half diagonally. So sick!

3. Jacqui Briggs- Fist Pump

Another one in the awesome fatalities list is this one by a newcomer. She first breaks her opponent’s neck, and then punches straight through her opponent’s head! Damn! Is it just me, or can anyone imagine Captain Falcon doing this fatality?

2. Leatherface- Hook and Sinker

Now we have the chainsaw wielding killer entering the battlefield! This fatality defiantly shows why Leatherface is one scary mofo. He knocks down his opponent with a hammer and then keeps him or her up with a meat hook. Where this hook comes from, I don’t know. Magic maybe. Anyway, he revs up his chainsaw and slices his victim in half, having his or her guts spill out. So gross!

1.Khotal Khan- Tight Squeeze

Now for my absolute favorite and most sickening fatality I’ve seen. Khotal Khan gives his opponent a big bear hug, squeezing them until their head pops and squeezes out bloody chunks, like a tube of toothpaste. Uuuhhhhg! Disqusting!

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