Disney Infinity 2.0 character review: Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a fairy from Disney’s recent Fairies series. Originally from Peter Pan, she still has that spunky attitude we all know and love. With faith, trust, and pixie dust, Tinkerbell is one fairy you should not mess with.

Tinkerbell Gameplay


Tinkerbell is a speedy flyer who wields her own magic wand. With it, she can shoot balls of pixie dust, that can keep some enemies stuck in the air. She can also fight up close and personal with it. Tinkerbell has a fast attack rate with decent power. With her, it’s all about knowing when to stay back or get up close. Tinkerbell can fly very fast, due to how lightweight she is. For her special move, she turns into her tiny pixie form and slaps enemies around near her at a rapid rate. Tinkerbell is a well balanced and a well animated character.


Melee: ***

Ranged light: **

Ranged charged: ***

Special move: ***

Reflexes: ***

Tinkerbell box

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