Disney Infinity Character Review: Syndrome

Syndrome, an evil genius who wants to remove all super heroes so he can sell his super gear to everyone. He fights with the help his rocket boots and zero point energy gauntlets.

syndrome gameplay


Syndrome uses technology to become a pseudo-super hero. His rocket boots propel him forward when performing his guard breaker attack. That can follow with a downward slam, or a rocket-propelled¬† punch. Syndrome’s three hit combo starts with some punches and ends with a rocketing shoulder charge. Probably his most fun feature is his zero point energy gauntlets. With them, he can easily lift other characters and omnidroids, then throw them far. My only problem with them is that they don’t work for anything much else.


Melee: ***

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ****

Syndrome Box

Syndrome is a little harder to use, but he’s a really fun character in the right hands. Dangerous and smart, he’s the perfect character for causing trouble.

Villains pack

Syndrome is also available in the Villains pack, along with Davy Jones and Randy.

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