Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U review

Super Smash Bros. The series that pits Nintendo’s (and other third party) characters against each other in the hit side scrolling fighting games. The 4th installment of Smash Bros. turns everything up to 11, with characters and stages old and new, and new game modes for each console.



Here is the list of characters without the downloadable fighters (they’ll come in later posts) Hidden characters have a star *. From the top left to the bottom right are:

Mario – Luigi – Peach – Bowser – Yoshi – Rosalina & Luma – Bowser Jr.* – Wario* – Mr. Game and Watch

Donkey Kong – Diddy Kong – Link – Zelda – Shiek – Ganondorf* – Toon Link – Samus – Zero Suit Samus

Pit – Palutena – Marth – Ike – Robin – Kirby – King Dedede – Meta Knight – Little Mac

Fox – Falco* – Pikachu – Charizard – Lucario – Jiggilypuff* – Greninja – Duck Hunt* – R.O.B.*

Ness* – Captain Falcon – Villager – Olimar – Wii Fit Trainer – Dr. Mario* – Dark Pit* – Lucina*

Shulk – PAC-MAN – Mega-Man – Sonic – Mii Fighters

I gotta say, I absolutely love the list of characters in this game. I am so happy that they added PAC-MAN and Greninja as new playable fighters.

mii fighters

By far one of my most favorite features of Smash Bros. 4 is the ability to put a customized Mii as a playable fighter. You can make your guy a brawler, a sword fighter, or a gunner. You get to customize their outfits, their head wear, even choose your special moves to fit your play style.


Both versions of the game have game modes exclusive to their different consoles.

3DS version

smash run

The 3DS version has a game mode called Smash Run, where you run around a massive stage filled with traps and enemies. Collect stat boosts to boost your character’s abilities, then face off in a final battle. This is reminiscent to Kirby Air Ride’s City Trials mode.

Wii U version


The Wii U version has Smash Tour, a mode that looks like a mix of Smash Run and Mario Party.


The Wii U version also has 8 player smash, or as I like to call it, chaos mode. You and 7 others can all throw down on one big stage.

stage builder

Stage Builder is another exclusive mode in the Wii U version. This time, you can draw out your stages and add new stuff like lava and cannons.

Overall, both versions of Smash Bros. are excellent and wicked fun. It’s super addicting and pretty challenging at times. I give both versions 5 out of 5 stars.

smash bros 3ds

Smash Bros Wii U

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