Super Smash Bros DLC review: All DLC characters

As I mentioned in my Super Smash Bros. 4 review, I am going to review all 4 downloadable fighters added to the game. Maybe there will me more in the future, but I’m not sure yet.


1. Mewtwo

Like most people, I was pretty disappointed that he wasn’t in Brawl. But now Mewtwo is back from Melee! I am so glad they brought him back. Mewtwo is more powerful than before and he can now wall jump.

Mewtwo is a more technical fighter. His moves are very powerful up close, but keep in mind that he’s a lightweight fighter, due to his hovering. He has floaty jumps, making him pretty good at recovery. Master his special moves, like Confusion, Disable, and Shadow Ball. For his Final Smash, he becomes Mega Mewtwo Y and uses the Psystrike attack. If this giant ball hits you, you’ll suffer a major headache, and probably get K.O.ed.


2. Lucas

Lucas returns from Brawl, looking more cheerful this time around. Yes, he’s a clone of Ness with slightly different powers, but don’t underestimate Lucas. He’s just as powerful as Ness.

Lucas’s PK Freeze works similar to PK Flash, only it moves and charges faster, and it freezes enemies. His PK Fire blasts a wave of fire instead of staying up. PK Thunder can zap enemies and keep going. It also sends Lucas flying much further. His PSI Magnet is more upfront and absorbs projectiles. His Final Smash is also PK Starstorm, just like Ness.


3. Roy

No, not the Koopaling of the same name, the Young Lion, back from Melee. I remember back then, I didn’t know who Roy was, but I enjoyed playing as him. Roy returns with an updated look.

Roy likes to get up close and personal with his opponents. He can charge up an extremely powerful fire sword attack that explodes! Charging it for a long time can hurt Roy tho, so be careful. He has moves similar to Marth, like dancing sword, and counter. For his final smash, he doesn’t charge forward, but he swings his sword around, brings enemies in front of him, and BAM! Critical hit!


4. Ryu

This one took me by surprise. Ryu from Street Fighter makes his way into Smash Bros. I really like this, because they added an entirely new fighter among the DLC fighters. They payed lots of attention when adding Ryu to Smash.

For Ryu’s fighting style, his attacks vary, based on how long you press and hold the attack button. This allows you to make classic combos, as well as some new ones. As for his special moves, you can perform them with a press of a button, or you can input the original Street Fighter move. For example, quarter circle forward and A lets you perform the famous Hadoken. Performing the original input specials are slightly more powerful, sound different and has a different effect, so you’ll know when you perform it right. Ryu is the first and only character to have two different final smashes! Far away, he performs the Shinku Hadoken, which sucks in enemies as it moves forward. When Ryu is up close to an opponent, he instead performs the Shin Shoryuken, which can send your opponent flying.

I am very happy to see these characters in Smash, and here’s to hoping they add more. Personally, I hope they add Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog series.

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