Disney Infinity Character review: Sulley

James P. Sullivan, or Sulley for short, is the third character in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack. Sulley is the big monster on campus and his toy shows it. He’s always ready to give Fear Tech the boot.



In his play set, your goal is to out prank and scare the rival school, Fear Tech. You can get around riding bikes, which I wish you could ride in the toy box mode. There’s lots to explore in Monsters University. A nice, big campus with a clock tower you can climb, college houses that you can decorate anyway you like, a paintball arena, and even cause trouble on Fear Tech’s Campus. Sulley and his friends have the special ability to sneak, which is a very important skill throughout the story.


Sulley has a powerful roar that scares Fear Tech students away. Learning to master sneaking behind them and scaring them is key. He can also use a variety of tools, like a toilet paper launcher to make a mess on statues and trees. Sulley also has a tackle to knock enemies back. He’s not the best character for combat in the Toy Box, so use those tools and packs.


Melee: ***

Distance: **

Reflexes: **

Crystal Sulley

If you’re looking for the Crystal version of Sulley, click the image above.

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