Soul Calibur V Review

soul-calibur-vTaking place 16 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV, this game features characters old and new, a power meter, and an improved character creation feature.

CharactersThis is the list of characters in order from left to right:

  • Patroklos
  • Z.W.E.I.
  • Leixia
  • Natsu
  • Ezio Auditore (Guest Character available on every console)
  • Raphael
  • Viola
  • Pyrrha
  • Siegfried
  • Hilde
  • Xiba
  • Ivy
  • Cervantes
  • Aeon
  • Tira
  • Nightmare
  • Mitsurugi
  • Maxi
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Dampierre (Downloadable Content)
  • Voldo
  • Astaroth
  • Custom Character
  • Alpha Patroklos
  • Elysium
  • Edge Master
  • Algol
  • Kilik
  • Pyrrha Omega


Of the classic characters, Nightmare is my favorite. In fact, he’s my all time favorite character in the Soul Calibur series. This Nightmare is somewhat based on his Soul Calibur II incarnation, with a difference in helmet and claw arm design. I also love his weapon, Soul Edge. It’s a demonic sword that has become the game’s antagonist, it’s super powerful, and it’s got a blinking eye. What’s not to love?

PyrrhaPyrrha is my favorite new character in the game. Her moves are mostly based on her mother, Sophitia. In fact, she uses her mother’s weapons to fight too. I think Pyrrha is really cute. She’s totally got a doll face going on. She has a tragic back story that just makes me want to hug her.

Astral ChaosNow let’s talk about the stages. Not just the characters, but all the environments are beautiful. Namco is known for making stages pop, and this game is no exception. Above is my favorite stage, Astral Chaos. To me, this looks like a nightmarish dream world. Dark and creepy, just the way I like it.


A new feature in Soul Calibur V is the Critical Gauge. It works like a power bar similar in other fighting games, like Street Fighter. This is used to replace the hard to perform Critical Edges in the previous installment.

Story Mode

This game has a story mode where you follow the journey of Patroklos and his quest to find his sister, Pyrrha. Originally, there was going to me multiple story lines for all the characters, but they ran out of time. As a result, the story mode falls flat.


Now for my favorite mode in the game, character creation. Here, you can make your very own character to be in the game. There is so much you can do in this mode. Watch this video of one of my creations, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner.

Despite the lackluster story mode, Soul Calibur V is the best Soul Calibur game in the series. Definitely try it if you haven’t already. Soul Calibur V gets 4 and a half out of 5 stars from me.

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