Disney Infinity Character Review: Sorcerer Mickey

Yes I know there is the original Mickey Mouse in 3.0. I will review him later. For now, I am reviewing the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey. With the power of the Sorcerer’s hat, Sorcerer Mickey brings the magic to Disney Infinity. Whether you’re a Fantasia fan, or a Fantasmic fan, he’s your mouse.



Sorcerer Mickey is one of the most powerful distance characters in the game. His Magical Burst attack swarms multiple enemies like giant mosquitoes. He’s fantastic far away, but not up close. His melee attack is magic sweep, which pushes some enemies back. So keep your distance and bring on the fireworks.


Melee: **

Ranged: ****

Reflexes: ***

sorcerer mickey box

Also available is the Crystal version

crystal mickey

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