Saints Row the Third DLC review: Shark Attack pack

They say in the sewers of Steelport lives a man-eating shark that can devour just about anything. With the Shark Attack pack, you’ll be able to summon this beast!

shark attack gun

This is the Shark-O-Matic, a shotgun style gun that shoots chum at your enemies. Once they’re splattered, this happens.


A giant shark pops out from under the ground and eats them! Others surrounded by the hunted gets popped up by the shark. The Shark-O-Matic is a ridiculously fun weapon, just be sure to hide behind something while you wait for the shark to come.

shark hat

In the Shark Attack pack, you also get the shark bite hat, which looks absolutely silly. Overall, it’s a humorous dlc pack. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth all the laughs.

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