Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV takes place a few years after the events of Saints Row the Third, (Spoiler Alert!) following the ending where you save Shaundi. After saving the world from Cyrus Temple, the leader of the Saints (that’s you) becomes the President of the United States. But then, the earth gets invaded by aliens known as Zin. The alien overlord, Zinyak, captures you and your friends and traps them in simulations. With the help of Kinzie and some super powers, it’s up to you to rescue your crew and hunt down Zinyak.


Saints Row IV is just my kind of game. Sure, people complain it’s not very realistic as GTA V is, but guess what, Saints Row isn’t supposed to be realistic. In fake Steelport, you’ll learn powers like super speed, super jump, and an ice blast. Running and jumping at high speeds is a very fun new way to get around the city, but it does mean you probably won’t drive cars as much. There is a lot of missions and other stuff you can do, like collect data clusters to upgrade your super powers, run through checkpoints, and climb towers. This game is also fun to just mess around in, like going on a super powered killing spree or some high speed parkour.


There are a lot of powerful and wacky weapons in this game, like the Dubstep gun (pictured above). What I love most is the huge assortment of movie and video game references for everything. You customize your SMG to look like Robocop’s gun, dress up like Boba Fett, and even romance your crew members kinda like in Mass Effect.

Saints Row IV, while the game does feel very easy because of super powers, is still a super fun and ridiculous game. 5 out of 5 stars for me.


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