Saints Row the Third Review

Saints Row the Third is an open world third person shooter game where you play as the boss of the 3rd Street Saints. The game takes place in Steelport, a city overrun by prostitutes, hackers, and luchadores. Basically, it’s like Grand Theft Auto on crack.


The game starts with you and your gang in Johnny Gat masks, planning a bank heist as a publicity stunt. But things go downhill when the bank tellers pull guns of their own to take you down. This does not stop you and your crew as you carry on with the stunt. You set up bombs so you can steal the bank’s vault. The plan soon then flies out the window when one of your crew members accidentally hits a police alarm. After fighting a S.W.A.T. team and attack chopper, a carrier chopper comes in to air lift the vault. You stay with the vault to shoot more law enforcement and the same attack chopper. After destroying the attack chopper, it crashes into the carrier chopper, leaving you no choice but to abandon the vault and jump to safety, only to be arrested by the police.

sr3 character create

You then move on to create your character. Here, you choose your gender, skin color, body build, age, sex appeal, and customize your face. You can spend a lot of time trying to make your character look like you, or you can make silly faces, or do what every guy player does and play as a naked girl. Yes, even I’ve done that at one point.


After creating your character, you get thrown in jail, only to be put on an airplane, where you meet Phillipe Loren, Leader of the Morningstar and head of the criminal organization known as the Syndicate. He tries to make a deal with you, but Johnny Gat attacks him, and you and Shaundi must escape. Just when your about to jump, gunshots are heard over the intercom. Johnny Gat is presumed dead. The plane gets rocked and you and Shaundi start falling. During your fall, you shoot down Morningstar gang members falling after you, then dodge debris to rescue Shaundi.

After landing in Steelport and stealing weapons from the military, you’re free to explore. Steelport isn’t as big as the city in Grand Theft Auto, but there is still plenty to see. I find it easier to explore Steelport, however.

There are plenty of missions to do in Saints Row the Third. There are some missions where you have to make choices. These choices are for different bonuses and do not effect the story, with the exception being the choice near the end of the last mission.

There is so much you can do in this game. My personal favorite things to do are buying cool and silly clothes for my character, go streaking, play in traffic, and just cause chaos. I like the memorable moments in the cut scenes, like when I removed a luchedore’s mask. There is a huge variety of weapons to shoot your enemies with, as well as nice, WWE inspired takedowns. As you can see, Volition loves wrestling.


Saints Row the Third is really fun and I enjoy every minute of gameplay. I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars.


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