Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Set review: Rise Against the Empire

Time to review a more recent play set. Rise Against the Empire is a retelling of Star Wars episodes 4 through 6. Like in Twilight of the Republic, you’ll be able to fly through space in iconic ships like the Millennium Falcon, but this time, you will also be flying though obstacles, Star Fox style. You’ll also get to ride Tauntauns and speeder bikes, as you help the Rebels defeat the Empire.



Rise Against the Empire pretty much has a similar formula to Twilight of the Republic, but this one has it’s own in game currency, credits. You earn these credits from completing missions, or destroying stuff. The cutscenes are watered down familiar moments, edited to be more family friendly. So sorry folks, no Princess Leia in a bikini. Other than that, you’ll relive classic moments, like destroying the Death Star, flying through an asteroid field, riding an AT-ST, taking down AT-ATs and more! It’s a lot of fun and I think almost any original trilogy fans will appreciate this play set.

luke and leia

Starting Characters

When you get the play set, you’ll get Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Luke Skywalker is a lightsaber master who can also use a blaster. He can use both of these to air juggle his enemies. Luke is a very flexible character who can fight well up close and far away. His force ability allows him to pull enemies close to him, great for creating insane ground and air combos. When he has his force finisher, he’ll sent enemies hovering with the force, then blast them, like shooting fish in a barrel. His special move gives him a different stance, allowing him to block projectiles and dash at his enemies. This is great for whenever you’re getting swarmed by blaster enemies.

Luke Skywalker’s Stats:

Melee: ***

Ranged: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special Move: ***

Princess Leia is a blaster wielding character who’s all about staying at a distance. She has decent melee attacks, but when she’s upgraded, she can follow up with a blaster attack that can stun an enemy. Her charged up shots can bounce from enemy to enemy. Princess Leia can hold her own in a fight, but she can also call in a squad of Rebels to fight for her, or call in R2-D2 to aid her in battle. She’s a little harder to master, but she can be devastating in the right hands.

Princess Leia’s Stats:

Melee: **

Ranged: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special Move: ****


rise against the empire

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