Disney Infinity Character Review: Randy

Sneaky, cunning, and creepy, Randy crawls his way into the Disney Infinity universe. He’s a lizard like monster where his camouflaging ability allows him to be difficult to detect. Randy is the only character that moves on four legs.

randy gameplay


Randy’s moves work the same way as Sully and Mike’s. His melee attack has him rolling at enemies, kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog. He can also roar at his enemies. What makes Randy special is that his sneak mode lets him go invisible, making him near impossible to see. Use this strategically tho, because enemies that see him go invisible could still see him. moving reveals him a little, and attacking fully reveals him. Thanks to his slender, slithering body, he can dodge very quickly!


Melee: **

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ****

Randy is a fast and sneaky character who can go toe to toe with almost any foe. He can be found separately or in the Villains pack.

Randy box

Villains pack

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