Board Game Review: My Little Pony Rainbow Magic Game

Yes, I’m a guy reviewing a girl’s game. Deal with it. Looking for a fun game for your bronies? Then My Little Pony Rainbow Magic is the game for you. It is a simple 2-4 player co-op game where you work together to build a rainbow before the sky gets too cloudy.



This game comes with:

4 My Little Pony character game pieces

A foldable board

9 rainbow pieces

A spinner

Sun pieces


This game is very easy to play. You and your friends must work together to build the rainbow in order to go to a party in Canterlot Castle. But be careful, because a storm is brewing. Each player takes turns spinning the spinner. Some spots let you move around the board in any direction you choose. If the spinner lands on Ponyville, you’ll be stuck and have to wait until either you or a friend can get a heart. Be careful of the cloudy sun spot. If all 6 cloudy pieces on the sun appear, then it’s game over. When all 9 rainbow pieces are placed and stood up, then everybody wins!

My Thoughts

I love the details on this game, from the colorful board, to the characters. If I had to make one complaint on the game, is that the rainbow is pretty hard to stand up. Your best bet is to play on a level table. Other than that, it is a very enjoyable game for any My Little Pony fan

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