Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Review: Quorra

Quorra is the last of the ISOs in Tron. She is armed with a light cable, light baton, and light disk. With each of these weapons, she decimates any foe in her way.



To me, Quorra is the combo queen. She is a close range fighter who uses all of her tools to her advantage. First is her light cable, which can be upgraded to pull enemies close to you. this sends some enemies in the air too, leaving them vulnerable to her combo attack. This light cable can also be used to swing around like Spider-Man, great for quick escapes and fast movement. Second are her light baton and light disk, which she uses in combination to fight up close. Both her combo attack and her block breaker are fast and cause devastating damage. Her special move makes her movements and attacks even faster and more powerful! Use her great speed and high jump to your advantage.


Melee: ***

Ranged: *

Reflexes: ***

Special move: ****


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