Board Game Review: Quelf

Quelf is the unpredictable party game where all you have to do is obey the cards. Sounds simple enough, but be prepared to perform the most ridiculous stunts or answer mind bending questions. I love this game’s silly nature and the fact that it doesn’t take too long. I also find that Quelf is more fun with more people.

Quelf Contents


  • 8 game pieces (yes, there’s supposed to be 8)
  • 1 die
  • Drawing paper
  • A timer
  • The Quelf board
  • 5 decks of cards

quelf cards

There are 5 card types that’ll make you laugh and twist your mind. They are:

  • Quizzle: Do your best to answer a silly question to avoid a penalty
  • Scatter brainz: Choose a topic and take turns saying words associated with the topic
  • Roolz: These change how you have to play. You might have to talk like Frankenstien’s monster or be another player’s cheerleader.
  • Stuntz: Perform a silly task until your next turn comes.
  • Showbiz: Similar to stuntz, only sometimes has a time limit.

Super silly and so much fun, we usually play this game twice! I highly recommend inviting your friends and giving this game a try. Also, Quelf is the kind of game to play occasionally. Remember, anything can happen in this game, so be prepared.

Quelf Box

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