Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokemon Go is the smash hit game where you walk around, find and catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, and battle. But as you all should know, this is a game you should play safely and responsibly. There’s already been lots of stories revolving around this game. So here are some tips from me to play this game safely.


Tip #1: Stay alert!

This cannot be said enough. The game even warns you to stay alert of your surroundings. If you are catching a Pokemon, be sure you are in a safe spot and out of the way of danger. You definitely don’t want to catch a Pikachu in the middle of a street. You should also look where your going, so you don’t step on dog doodie, fall down a manhole, or get hit by a car. And you should also be aware of the area you are in. Stay away from shady areas in your neighborhood.


Tip #2: Check the weather

If you live in a desert like I do, you know that the heat is not your friend. Not only can it burn you up, but it can also cause your phone to overheat. Before you go on a Pokemon walk, look and feel the outside and judge wisely if the weather outside is nice enough.


Tip #3: Pokemon walk with family or friends

It’s always a good idea to go on a Pokemon walk with loved ones. Not only will other Pokemon Go players catch Pokemon, but you’ll have extra security.

I think that just about covers it. Be safe and as always, have fun!

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