Disney Infinity 3.0 Character review: Olaf

With the incredible popularity of Frozen, it was only natural that Olaf would be added as a playable character. Not that I’m complaining. Olaf is cute, funny, and lovable. He’s more than just a silly character tho.

olaf gameplay


Olaf has a variety of silly moves to defend himself. He can smack enemies around with his stick arms, which are surprisingly effective. His block breaker spins an enemy around then finishes with a powerful strike. He can also run right into enemies, sending some of them flying. This is similar to Stitch’s rolling attack, however, Olaf’s run attack is slower, making it a little more controllable. Olaf can also sneeze off his carrot nose, which acts like a missile. Watch out for when he charges up the sneeze, because then his carrot nose flies to hit multiple enemies, freezing some of them at the same time. His special move is inspired from his summer dream sequence. .Olaf puts on sunglasses and lays on a lounge chair, as a blazing sun shines around him. The sun melts nearby enemies, delivering some serious damage. Olaf is super fun to play as, and is another great character for Toy Box Takeover.


Melee: ***

Ranged light: **

Ranged charged: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special move: ****

olaf box

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