Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Review: Nick Wilde

Zootopia has become a hit movie this year, so naturally, characters from that movie had to get put in Disney Infinity. One of them being my favorite fox, Nick Wilde. He’s sly, funny, and one cool character.



Don’t let Nick’s small stature fool you. He’s quite the powerhouse fighter, thanks to the giant popsicles he (ahem) “borrowed”, and uses them as a weapon. Melee wise, the popsicles have decent reach and serious power, however, keep in mind his attacks are rather slow due to the weight of these popsicles. He can also throw these popsicles. A charged popsicle throw not only does massive damage, bit it leaves some enemies up in the air, allowing you to throw a quick popsicle for additional damage. For his special move, he summons his partner in crime, Finnick, who brings his own giant popsicle to aid Nick in combat. Overall, Nick is a fun and easy character to use.


Melee: ****

Ranged light: **

Ranged charged: ****

Reflexes: ***

Special move: ***


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