New Mastodon album coming March 31st!

A week ago, Mastodon has announced that their seventh studio album will be released on March 31st. The album is called “Emperor of Sand”, and is supposed to be an emotional album, similar to “Crack the Skye”. Mastodon has released one of the songs off the album early and is available for purchase on iTunes.

Sultan’s Curse review

Sultan’s Curse is the first song off the new album and you can get early access to it. Being the huge Mastodon fan I am, I naturally bought the song. The song welcomes you with beautiful chimes, then hits you with a heavy melody and heartfelt lyrics. Sultan’s Curse sounds like a wonderful introduction to the upcoming album, just like “Tread Lightly” from the previous album. This song has gotten me pumped for the new album! I’m expecting mind bending riffs, loving lyrics, and plenty of heavy sound that Mastodon is known for.

Album Cover

Here is the album cover for “Emperor of Sand”. It is very creepy, but so awesome. We can see a royal figure with a skull face, decaying hands, and dark robes with decorated armor. The album cover to me looks very reminiscent to “Leviathan” mixed with “Blood Mountain”. I am very excited for the new album.

Click here to pre-order the upcoming Mastodon album.

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