Disney Infinity Character Review: Mrs. Incredible

Also known as Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible is the flexible, stretching heroine. She uses her super power to attack from afar and reach great heights. She’s a melee enemy’s worst nightmare, and her flexibility makes her a fast and difficult target to hit.



Mrs. Incredible is just a blast to play as. Her stretching arm ability is great for ramming into enemies, climbing up buildings, and clearing large gaps. You can easily aim where you want her arm to go, but be sure you aim for a ledge to grab on. Her attacks mainly keep enemies at a distance, but she can still be dangerous up close too. Her combo attack can hit multiple enemies at once, if you can set her up right. Her stretching power might take some time to learn, but she can be easy to play once you learn how.


Melee: *** (starts out from a distance)

Distance: ****

Reflexes: ***

I highly recommend getting Mrs. Incredible for your collection, because her power is really good and she’s so much fun to play with. You can find her separately, or in the sidekick pack.

mrs incredible boxSidekicks-Pack

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