Disney Infinity Character Review: Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible is the second character in the first Disney Infinity starter pack. This powerful super hero stands strong on his base. He is a strong brawler who is easy to use right away.


In game, Mr. Incredible’s super strength is showcased well. He attacks with a powerful three hit combo that sends some enemies flying. Alternatively, he has a mighty uppercut that breaks an enemy’s block, which he can follow up with a jump attack, or a super punch. Mr. Incredible can also slam the ground, that causes an earthquake to send enemies flying. He can even lift giant enemies! I defiantly enjoy playing as Mr. Incredible. If you want to feel like a hero, Mr. Incredible is your man.


Melee: **** (can lift enemies)

Distance: ***

Reflexes: ***


Keep an eye out for the Crystal version of Mr. Incredible!

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