More stuff that should have been in Disney Infinity

Before I share my thoughts on other things that could have been in Disney Infinity, I have more sad news about it. On March 3rd, 2017, They are going to shut down the online community, which means no one will be able to upload anymore toy boxes, and no more online multiplayer.


Here are my thoughts on what else could have been added to Disney Infinity. This time, I’m also including vehicles too.




Since Mickey, Minnie, and Donald were added to Disney Infinity, it should have been obvious that Goofy be added too. My concept of his fighting moves will be based on his how to cartoons, making him an unpredictable fighter.


Moana and Maui

I saw the trailer for Moana, and it looked awesome! These two should have been added as well. Maui has that magic fish hook, which he could use to slice enemies, pull them close to him, and turn into a bird and fly. Moana can use that paddle to fight up close, and throw spears. I just found that they were meant to be playable characters, but because further development had ceased, their release was canceled. How sad.



Yes I know they added the Keyblade as an unlockable weapon, but how about the true wielder of the Keyblade? If they did more of a collaboration with Square Enix, then perhaps Sora would have been playable. With a close range weapon and magic, Sora would have made a great addition.

Roger rabbit

Roger Rabbit

Enough said on this one.



Space Mountain Rocket

We’ve had quite a few Disneyland themed vehicles in Disney Infinity. From the Autopia cars, to the caterpillar car, and even the Splash Mountain Log. I am a huge fan of Space Mountain, so it would have been nice to see this rocket as a land vehicle.

RC toy story


Now that I think about it, RC should have been added to the Toy Story play set from the first game.This would have made for some awesome driving sections. Not to mention an awesome race car for Toy Box Speedway.


Edgar’s Motorcycle with Sidecar

Let’s face it, we did not get enough motorcycles.So here’s one from the Aristocats!

Disney, if you guys are reading this, please, bring development back on this game!

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