Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Review: Minnie Mouse

Next up is Mickey’s sweetheart, Minnie. With the addition of the original Mickey Mouse, naturally, Minnie also had to be put in the game. Sporting her red, polka dot dress and bow, Minnie adds charm to the world of Disney Infinity.

Minnie gameplay


Minnie Mouse is very lady like, attacking enemies with her purse. With it, she can smack enemies around. Up close, Minnie is able to perform mix ups to keep enemies guessing. She can follow up her starting 3 hit combo with a fourth hit, a block breaker, a block/repel, or a dodge. Use her unpredictability for some serious mind games. Afar, she can throw her purse at enemies. Charged, the purse flies from enemy to enemy, stunning them for a short while. Minnie uses her cute charm as her special move. She can make enemies fall for her, making the enemies fight each other. Once an enemy has a heart over their head, don’t attack them.


Melee: **

Ranged light: **

Ranged charged: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special move: Varies

minnie box

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