Disney Infinity Character review: Mike

Possibly the smallest character in the game, Mike is the little monster that could. Like Sully, Mike plays best in his respective Play Set.

mike gameplay


Mike can sneak and scare in his own, special way. Sometimes using a microphone. He also has a tackle attack, but due to his small size, it’s not very strong. However, he can dodge quicker than Sully. Mike’s small frame makes him hard to hit from a distance. If you do play as him, have some weapons on him.


Melee: **

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***

Yes it’s a pretty short review, but that’s all I got. Mike is pretty much the Mini Me of Sully. I don’t play as him very often, but if you’re a serious collector, or looking to challenge yourself in combat, Mike is for you. He’s also available in the Sidekick Pack

Mike Box


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