Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Review: Mickey Mouse

We are officially on 3.0 characters now. Someday, I’ll review the Marvel characters. Someday. Anyway, we’re kicking things off with the leader of the club, the original Mickey Mouse. This time, we have the Mickey we all know and love. With his iconic, red shorts and yellow shoes, Mickey sets off for adventure.

Mickey Gameplay


This Mickey is a more versatile brawler with moves similar to Donald Duck. While Mickey isn’t as fast a fighter as Donald is, he makes up for it by having more combo options. Like Donald, Mickey can throw light and heavy objects. However, Mickey’s heavy objects send enemies flying up instead of back. He has a lot of melee attacks, which allows him to perform huge combos and mix ups. Mickey also has a fishing pole, that can pull some enemies to him. Mickey’s most powerful move is his special move, which is quite possibly one of the most powerful special moves in the game. He summons his friends to beat down enemies. At the start, you have just Pluto the dog. When upgraded, Goofy, Donald, and Oswald join the fight as well. The more friends you have, the more powerful this move becomes. Save your special move for big and strong villains to cut them down to size.


Melee: ***

Ranged light: **

Ranged heavy: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special move: *****

Mickey box

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