Band Review: Mastodon

Mastodon is a progressive stoner sludge metal band that formed in Atlanta, Georgia. The four members of the band met at a High on Fire concert. They each had an appreciation over bands like The Melvins, Neurosis, and Thin Lizzy. Ever since forming in 1999, Mastodon has made successful albums and concert tours.

I first heard heard of the band from the game, Tony Hawk Underground for the Playstation 2. One of their songs, Crusher Destroyer was in the game and I listened to it. I checked them out and Youtube and now, I have become a huge Mastodon fan.


Mastodon is a rare breed of a band, because all four members provide vocals for different songs. This means sometimes the lead and back up vocals change up.


The four current members of the band from left to right are:

  • Brann Dailor- The drummer
  • Brent Hinds- The lead guitarist
  • Troy Sanders- The bassist
  • Bill Kelliher- The rhythm guitarist


Over the years, Mastodon has changed up their sound to be more and more recognizable. The guitars have a a distorted sound to them, their riffs sound hypnotic, like you’re going on a trip, and they are famous for their mostly clean lyrics and harsh screams.

once more

Mastodon is also famous for their artistic album covers. My all time favorite has to be the one pictured above, Once More ‘Round The Sun. Not only are the songs amazing, but this cover is just mind blowing. I believe it’s a demon that represents life. The cover is freaking creepy looking, yet there is beauty to it. The demon that represents death is on the vinyl version of this album.

Mastodon has become my all time favorite band and I’m always looking forward for their next albums. You should totally see these guys live too. Their live shows are spectacular! I’ll leave you with their current six studio albums.

remissionLeviathanBlood mountainCrack SkyeThe Hunteronce more smaller

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