Disney Infinity 2.0 Character Review: Maleficent

Yes, she is based on the live-action movie played by Angelina Jolie, but I don’t care. Maleficent plays like the dark fairy she is. With powerful dark magic at her disposal, she decimates anyone in her way.



Maleficent is an extremely powerful keep away character who’s all about taking aim from a distance. Up close, she has a very strong combo attack that deals great damage to a single enemy. Keep in mind her melee attacks are a little slow, so use her combo attack wisely. She can also summon thorns in front of her to do even greater damage, but this takes time to set up. Maleficent fights best at a distance with her green fireball attack. Her quick shot attack can knock back enemies, allowing you to keep your distance. Charged, she can throw multiple fireballs, that can do serious damage. Her special move let’s her summon her raven to attack multiple enemies around her. She can also fly, allowing her to make escapes.


Melee: ****

Ranged light: ***

Ranged charged: ****

Reflexes: *

Special move: ****

maleficent box

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