Reasons why I dislike King games

King LTD. The creators of such games like Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga. With their freemium games, they have made millions of dollars. All thanks to frustrating level designs, limited moves, and in game purchases up the wazoo. When I first saw these games, I knew something wasn’t right and I never downloaded or played any of them, but I have seen people playing them. Ever since then, I’ve developed reasons why King games are evil.

  • Reason number 1: The games are similar to others

Candy Crush plays an awful lot like Bejeweled and a few of the power-ups are similar. Color bombs are played similar to hyper cubes, with only minor difference. For example, when a color bomb is swiped with a stripped candy, it turns all of that color candy into stripped candy. Bubble Witch greatly resembles Puzzle Bobble, only with certain tasks. The point is King games rip off classic games you’ve played before.

  • Reason number 2: King games are luck based

Every level in each game is the same. Do this certain task within a certain number of moves. Sounds easy, right? Not when the candies are in the right place, or when you can’t get the right color bubble to pop. If you fail, the games ask for money so you can make more moves. Refuse, then you lose a life and have to do the level all over again. You could be stuck on one level for weeks without paying a dime. Eventually, you’ll win and move on to the next level, only to be stuck on the next level. Simply frustrating.

  • Reason number 3: They are social games

King games can be played on mobile devices and on Facebook. They’re all social games. To get to the next world, the games make you ask your friends for help. When you run out of lives, the games make you ask your friends for more. Of course, you could always pay money for these things too.

  • Reason number 4: Every game wants your money

As I’ve said before, King games ask you to fork over money to help you pass a level, or get to the next world. Heck, they even ask you to pay for power ups too! Better hide your credit cards.

  • Reason number 5: King games are addictive

Simply put, King games are like slot machines, only less rewarding. All the games seem endless. And as long as they keep earning money, they’ll make more levels to make more money on. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends.

Now I’ve had people tell me I can just play all those games without paying a dime, but I just can’t get over the levels of frustration they cause. If I want to play a color matching game, I’ll play Bejeweled. If I want to play a bubble shooter puzzle, I’ll play Bubble Bobble. Nothing will ever convince me to play a King game.

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