Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Review: Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is Zootopia’s first bunny cop. She may be small, but that makes her fast and light on her feet. Bad guys don’t stand a chance.



Judy is a speed class fighter who fights with her rabbit feet. Her dashing ability is not only useful for getting upclose to enemies quickly, it’s also useful for escapes. Use her super speed to your advantage. She has a fast combo attack that can overwhelm some enemies. Her third hit is a bicycle kick that lands multiple blows. Keep in mind tho that her third hit leaves her vulnerable, so strike wisely. Her special move lets her use a tranquilizer gun. When this stuns an enemy, Judy can rack up some serious damage with her combo attack. Judy Hopps is easy to play, yet hard to master.


Melee: ***

Dash attack: ***

Reflexes: ****

Special move: **


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