Disney Infinity Character Review: Jack Sparrow

If it’s the pirate’s life you’re looking for, look no further than Captain Jack Sparrow. He is one of the three characters in the first Disney Infinity starter pack. His toy stands confidently on the deck of a ship.


Jack Sparrow in game

Surprisingly, when I first started playing Disney Infinity, I had the most fun playing as Jack Sparrow. He certainly is a *ahem* Jack-of-all-trades. He’s dangerous to enemies near and far. Jack mainly fights up close with his sword. He can perform a fast 3 hit combo, or a powerful charged strike. Far away, Jack Sparrow can shoot his flintlock pistol that stuns the enemy and deals decent damage. I defiantly felt like a pirate playing as him.


Jack Sparrow is a fairly easy character to play as. He’s a well balanced character that I prefer fighting up close. His flintlock is not his strongest weapon, but it’s good for stunning enemies before charging up to them and attacking them with his sword.


Melee: ***

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***


Crystal Jack Sparrow

At Toys-R-Us, you can find a crystal version of Jack Sparrow. This version of him has the ability to gain XP much faster.


Jack Sparrow is a good character to have. He’s a lot of fun and enjoyable for anyone.

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