Disney Infinity Character Review: Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington was the main reason I got Disney Infinity in the first place. He has been my all time favorite movie character. I own a lot of merchandise of him, from toys, hats, and more. When I first saw him as a playable character, I just had to get the game.



Jack Skellington is all about stealth and keeping your enemies at a distance. Jack uses a 3 hit combo of frightening screams to attack his enemies. His scares can even frighten robots! He can even charge up a powerful scare attack. Jack Skellington, being the Pumpkin King, can throw flaming jack-o-lanterns that explode on impact, knocking back some enemies. In 2.0 and 3.0, he can be upgraded to have a super jump and heightened senses.


Melee: ***

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***

Jack Skellington is a well balanced character that any Nightmare Before Christmas fan can love. I’m so glad they added him to the game.

Jack Skellington box

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