Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out play set review

Time to get emotional. The Inside Out play set is an adventure game that seems to take place after the events of the movie. After Riley catches a glimpse of a swamp creature in a scary movie, it causes chaos in Imagination Land. It’s up to the emotions and their unique abilities to save Riley from having eternal nightmares.



You yourself or a friend can play as any of the emotions in a wild adventure through Riley’s mind. Some levels are free roaming, others are side-scrollers, and there’s some running a top a ball levels. This play set offers lots of variety which I love. The whole look and style of this play set sometimes reminds me of Little Big Planet. There’s even a section where you play a Chuzzle-esque puzzle game to unlock more levels. Using the emotions and their abilities, you’ll find memory orbs, Mind Manuel pages, Idea Bulbs, and balloons. You’ll also face many dangers, like lava, mind bulls, evil broccoli, and even the swamp creature. The Inside Out play set offers a lot of challenge that usually takes some patience.

Special Abilities

Each of the emotions have their own abilities that only they can perform.

Joy: Holding the jump button allows her to glide.

Anger: Can walk across lava without getting hurt. Clouds disappear quickly on him tho, so be careful.

Sadness: Can stand on clouds without them fading away.

Disgust: Can jump very high off clouds.

Fear: Runs super fast.

joy inside out

Character review: Joy

Joy is the leader of the emotions. Her magical powers lets her defend herself with a three hit combo. She can also summon a great burst of magic to attack blocking enemies. Joy’s memory orbs can heal co-op players and can send enemies floating when charged. At a higher level, Joy can even heal herself. Her Wave of Emotion special attack causes a burst of magic, stunning enemies near her.

Joy’s stats:

Melee: ***

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***

Anger inside out

Character review: Anger

Anger is a real hot head. He has a non stop one-two punch that keeps some enemies at bay. If that doesn’t get them, his fit of rage attack will. His memory orbs are red hot! Watch out when they’re fully charged, because they’ll explode, causing damage to nearby enemies. Anger’s Wave of Emotion special attack makes him explode with a burst of fire, causing enemies around him to become unconscious.

Anger’s stats:

Melee: ***

Ranged: ***

Reflexes: **

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