Saints Row IV DLC review: How the Saints Save Christmas

How the Saints Save Christmas is a holiday themed expansion pack for Saints Row IV. This expansion features 3 new missions, 5 new vehicles, 2 weapon skins, a new weapon and 2 Christmas themed activities.



The Saints are decorating the space ship for Christmas, but the Scrooge like Boss of the Saints isn’t up to it. Then suddenly, a Shaundi from the future warps in and warns the Saints about Clawz, an evil version of Santa that wants to destroy the holiday season. Now it’s up to you to save Santa from Zinyak’s simulation and save Christmas.



How the Saints Save Christmas is filled with the familiar 3rd person shooter gameplay you’ve come to know and love, mixed in with Christmas Story references. You’ll face off against evil Gingerbread Men, robot nutcrackers, and giant elves. The Crimson Cowboy BB gun is the new weapon you get in the first mission. It’s a decent weapon that can hit multiple enemies with one shot. You also get to fly in Santa’s Sleigh, explore the North Pole, and laugh at the cleverly written dialogue.

Saints-Row-4 Clawz


Sure, a Christmas themed DLC is pretty silly, but it’s meant to be silly. I love it. It’s very humorous and fun, everything from the North Pole to the character design is made beautifully, and you get a bunch of neat stuff from it. It is pretty short because it only has three missions, but it still offers a nice variety of things to do. This DLC expansion will have you laughing a lot. Give this holly jolly DLC a try.

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