Band Review: Hevisaurus

Get ready folks, because I might have found the weirdest metal band in the world. Hevisaurus is a Finnish heavy metal band that plays music for kids and the like minded. It’s basically what happens when the cast of Barney and Friends makes a metal band in Finland.

hevisaurus band


The band members of Hevisaurus all dress up like dinosaurs.The current members of the band are from left to right:

Miffi Puffi – Bass

Riffi Raffi – Guitar

Herra Hevisaurus – Vocals

Komppi Momppi – Drums

Milli Pilli – Keyboards


Hevisaurus sings family friendly lyrics in Finnish language, but as I’ve said before, you don’t need to understand them to enjoy them. Their music might be intended for kids, but their music is actually pretty good. Think of them as a cleaner version of GWAR.

If you can get over the mind bending nature of Hevisaurus, they might just be the band for you.

Hevi album

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