Disney Infinity Character Review: Hector Barbossa

He’s the new captain of the Black Pearl and former matey of Jack Sparrow. Hector Barbossa is a fancily dressed pirate who’s quick on his feet. His toy shows Jack the monkey, but the monkey never shows up in the actual game.



Barbossa’s moves are similar to Jack Sparrow’s, however Barbossa’s swings his sword slightly faster. He also has a flintlock pistol, which he’s pretty accurate with. Barbossa is pretty much a clone character of Jack Sparrow. Personally, I don’t mind clone characters too much. Just look at the Smash Bros. series. Anyway, Barbossa’s pistol is just as effective for stunning your enemies and then coming in for swift strikes.


Melee: *** (slightly faster attacks)

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***

If you don’t mind a clone character, or you like to play as the bad guy, or you want to build your collection, then pick up Hector Barbossa. He’s available separately, or in the Sidekick pack.



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