Guitar Hero and Rock Band series review

I want to take you back to a time when video games let you live your rock and roll fantasy. Where you could simulate playing a guitar, a bass, drums, and even sing. I am of course talking about the Guitar Hero and the Rock Band series. Remember those parties you’d have with your friends, playing your favorite songs? Well, strap on your leather pants and toy guitar, because I’m going to be reviewing both these series in general.


This is the series that started it all. A game that made you feel like a rocking guitarist. Guitar Hero 1 through 3 had that simple premise to play songs that started easy, then got guitar smashing impossible. I’ve seen a few videos of people actually complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert difficulty. It’s insane. Then when Rock Band introduced adding drums and vocals to the game, Guitar Hero soon followed with World Tour, 5, Band Hero, and Warriors of Rock. And let’s not forget the Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Metallica versions. Most of these games were introducing new game play elements, like hammer ons, pull offs, boss battles, and more. The games had their own thing that made them awesome. Nowadays, Guitar Hero Live introduces playing to a live crowd, to make you feel even more like a real rock star, and even a redesigned guitar controller. Whether you’re playing the classics, or the modern games, you can’t deny their awesomeness.

guitar hero live

Rock band logo

Rock Band was the game that introduced playing drums and vocals in a band. Hence the title, this game had you feel like you were managing a rock band, your rock band! This brought cooperative game play to a whole new level. This made a fun party game, were people would take turns playing and singing. This game also introduced creating your own rock star, and had that realism where you start from the bottom, and gradually work your way to the top. Rock Band had some great games, like 1, 2, 3, the Beatles, Lego, ad now 4. Rock Band focused more on accuracy, yet still had plenty of challenge to offer. Rock Band 4 has risen from the ashes and proves that the music game genre isn’t dead.

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