Gangstas in Space review


Gangstas in Space is a downloadable mission pack for Saints Row the Third. Your character gets called by Andy Zhen to star in the hit movie, Gangstas in Space. With Jenny, acting as the sexy alien princess by your side, you must give a star studded performance while dodging lasers and attacking alien ships.

All 3 missions are insane, funny, and very enjoyable. From your character’s bad acting to the old school movie filter, Gangstas in Space with have you blowing things up and laughing out loud.


The first mission has you save the alien princess from the military and make a daring escape, from both the military and the aliens. It starts off mild at first, but Andy Zhen cuts it and ramps it up with more firepower and explosions. After escaping from the military base via helicopter, you are shot down and make a close jump to safety. You then take the turret of an army van and Jenny drives. You then must shoot the other army vans chasing after you. After encountering a roadblock, the aliens begin attacking Earth, destroying the roadblock. Then the aliens target you, where you must shoot down U.F.O.s. This mission got me pumped up for the next mission!


In the second mission, you enter a movie set to film the part of the movie where you enter the alien mothership to destroy the brainwashing device and escape in a U.F.O. This is a tough and lengthy mission, but it’s loaded with action packed fun.


Finally, you take the alien ship you stole to upload a virus into the transmitters. This was also an intense mission, because you have to dodge around and shoot down other alien ships. After all that, you get some new homies, alien ships for your garage, and have aliens in your custom gang.

I highly recommend giving this DLC mission pack a try. I give it 5out of 5 stars.

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