Gamer Gripes: Mobile Games

Welcome to my new segment, Gamer Gripes, where I talk about the things in games that rub me the wrong way. Today, I’m going to talk about the things in mobile games that tick me off.


Certain in-app purchases

First, let’s talk about where in-app purchases are fine and where most fail. Most mobile games have a remove ads purchase. These I don’t mind too much. In fact, I typically get these in some of my games, like Musiverse and Bejeweled. The remove ads purchases aren’t usually too expensive and they’ll keep ads from halting your game play. At least, that’s what they should do, unless there’s BS like this:


Ad Toll Booth

One mobile game I played not to long ago is Blocky Racer: Endless Arcade Racing. Yes, it has a remove ads purchase, but this here is something I call an ad toll booth. You have to watch an ad to repair your car. It’s basically saying, “before you can play again, you have to watch an ad.” Why can’t the remove ads purchase also remove this? Because this is it’s own separate thing! You can pay with play coins, but it will show an ad anyway! And then there’s pay 2 dollars to remove the ad toll booth… FOR 24 HOURS! Does this game think I’m made out of money? What’s the point of having a remove ads purchase if you only remove the in game ads and not the ad toll booth ads? Oh and don’t bother trying to refresh the app and playing it again. It just brings you back to the ad toll booth. Believe me, I tried. Not only that, Blocky Racer is a very ad heavy game. In the middle of a game? Advertisment. Keep playing? Advertisment. Repair your car? ADVERTISMENT! Now look, I get that companies need to place ads to make money, but why so many and in the middle of a game?


Pay to win

Oh! So close! Too bad! You need 1 more move to finish this level? Give us a dollar and we’ll give you 5 more moves. If not, you lose and have to play the level ALL OVER AGAIN! UHG! Pay to win crap like this is why I hate Candy Crush and any other game that follows this same formula.


Overly Expensive In app Purchases

Honestly, I don’t see the point in paying big money for an overpowered weapon in a game or for a huge amount of in game currency. If I do want to buy more in game currency, I usually go with anything under 10 dollars.


Well, thank you for taking the time to read out my vents. If you have anything you’d like to add, let me know in the comments!

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