Saints Row the Third DLC review: Funtime! pack

Originally a pre-order bonus, the Funtime! pack is now avalible to everyone. This DLC pack features the psychopathic man-cat, Professor Genki and his inventions. In it, you get a Genki costume, a truck with a cannon on it, and a new explosive weapon.

funtime outfit

This is the costume you get with the DLC pack. You get a Genki bobble head mask, the Funtime suit, murder time gloves, and funtime boots. This costume goes very well with the humor of Saints Row the Third. I definitely have lots of fun going on a murder spree while wearing this ridiculous get up.


This is the Genki Manapult that also comes with the pack. This is probably the funniest vehicle I’ve ever driven. It has a vaccuum in the front to suck up pedestrians, then the cannon shoots captured pedestrians¬† anywhere you aim it. You can even shoot yourself out of the cannon! I can’t stop laughing every time I drive this thing. It’s just ridiculous, simple fun.


Lastly, you get the Mollusk Launcher. This lets you shoot explosive, mind-controlling octopi. When the octopus sticks on pedestrians or some enemies, the mind-controlling octopi will make said targets fight for you! Then, with the press of a button, you can make the octopi explode, like satchel charges. The octopi can even stick onto vehicles. However, the octopi can’t control some enemies, like brutes. Despite its flaws, the Mollusk Launcher is an insane, powerful weapon.

I definitely recommend getting this pack. It’s a great way to spice up Saints Row the Third. and remember folks, murder time is fun time.

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