Forza Horizon review

Before I begin this review, I have some bad news. Due to lack of funds and the fact that Disney Infinity is pretty much dead, I am no longer reviewing the characters.

I got Forza Horizon from the free games with gold that the Xbox 360 has. I decided to give it a try and here are my thoughts.


Forza Horizon is a free roam racing game that takes place somewhere in Colorado. The premise is pretty simple. Drive around, race, and become the most popular driver in the festival. If you’re a car enthusiast like myself, you’ll definitely enjoy this game. Driving down public roads in fast cars is fun and kind of relaxing, tho the other drivers can get in your way at the worst times. The most fun I have in this game is racing. In race modes, you have to use cars of specific qualifications, like car brand, car type, car price, FWD, RWD, and more.The game does have music where you can choose from different stations, but there isn’t really much songs, so you might get sick of the music pretty quickly. There’s lots of exploration, like finding discount signs, bard finds, and all the roads you have to drive on. This game is visually stunning, but nighttime driving feels like a nightmare. It’s so hard to see. There seriously needs to be street lamps. Other than a few quips I have with this game, it’s very fun and a beautiful looking game. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Pick it up or one of the sequels!


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