Final Disney Infinity 3.0 Update

I have some pretty upsetting news regarding Disney Infinity 3.0. Disney has decided that after some final retail releases, they are going to stop production of Disney Infinity. That means no more new characters, power discs, nor games. Hopefully it’s for the better, so that they’re not scrapping the bottom of the barrel for more content.

On a brighter note, coming soon in May, there will be 3 new characters based on Alice Through the Looking Glass. They are adding Alice, The Mad Hatter, and Time. It’s going to be pretty interesting seeing a few more Tim Burton style characters added to the game. I can’t wait to see what their abilities are.

Then coming in June, one more play set, based on… are you ready for this… Finding Dory. How is that going to work?! Are they adding in a swimming feature? Are the sea creatures going to float above the ground? I have no Idea. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for me, I am still going to continue reviewing the characters. I know I’m behind on it but I’m not going to stop until I review each one.

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