Electronic Review: Energizer Xbox 360 Charging System

Are you tired of having to change the batteries in your Xbox 360 controller all the time? Are you tired of having to spend hundreds of dollars on batteries every year because of it? Well with this charging system, you don’t have to! The Energizer Xbox 360 Charging System comes with two rechargeable battery packs, allowing you to charge two controllers at once.

I love the Energizer Charging system, because it keeps my controllers going and going. I’ve saved a lot of money from not having to constantly buy packs of batteries. It also has a smart design with space in mind. Plus, there’s charging systems for whatever modern console you have. You can find these at an electronic store for around 25-30 dollars.

The one nitpick I have about it is that it only charges 2 controllers. I was hoping I could buy 2 more Energizer rechargeable battery packs, but I haven’t found any. It would be nice to have 4 controllers all charged up for family gaming or when you have friends over.

Nonetheless, it is defiantly worth investing in one of these. If you’re a gamer looking to save some money, start with a Energizer Charging System. This electronic gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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