Disney Infinity 2.0 Character review: Donald Duck

Yes I know I’m missing a few 1.0 characters, but if I don’t have them, I can’t review them. So I’m skipping ahead to 2.0 with my all time favorite Disney character. Donald Duck has brought me joy for years, and seeing him in Disney Infinity made me so happy.



Donald is a speedy brawler with good attack power and fast reflexes. He comes in dealing quick blows with his combo attack.Donald’s block breaker, Getting Defensive, has him rushing in fists flying, which he can then follow up with a powerful mallet slam. His block breaker is also a great follow up to his combo attack. Donald also has the ability to throw various objects, from light things like a boot and a vase, to heavy objects like a radio. He throws everything, including the kitchen sink! Light objects are great for keeping your enemies at bay, allowing you to get close for a combo attack. Heavy objects do more damage and knock some enemies back. These are great from a great distance. For his special move, Donald rushes in and pummels enemies with his mallet. While in the mallet swinging state, you are able to control Donald and deliver some serious damage to enemies. Be careful tho, because Donald can still get hurt in this state.


Melee: ***

Ranged Light: **

Ranged Heavy: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special move: ****

I love how they brought Donald Duck to Disney Infinity. He acts and fights how he should. If you’re looking for a fast brawler, Donald Duck is the character for you.

Donald box

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