Disney Infinity Review

The characters

What happens when you bring Disney characters, worlds, and more together? You get Disney Infinity, a game centered around playing in your own world that you create. Anything can happen in this game, like Mr. Incredible facing off against Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow flying on Dumbo, or Buzz Lightyear running on an obstacle course.


box DI

In the starter box posted above (Wii U version shown), you get the game, the Disney Infinity base, a play set piece with the worlds of The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Monsters University, 3 characters: Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley, and one power disk.

base2This is the Disney Infinity base. This is the required accessory in order to play the game. The two circular pads are where the character of your choice is placed. The left is for player 1, and the right is for player 2. You can also place up to 2 circular power disks under your character to give them special powers, like increase their attack power. The hexagonal pad is where you place either your play set piece, or up to 3 hexagonal power disks. I personally like how small the base is. It doesn’t take up too much space.

DI playsetThis is the Play set piece that you start off with. With this, you can fight Syndrome and his Omnidriods in The Incredibles play set, live like a pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean play set, or sneak around and pull off pranks in the Monsters University play set. Playing them will get you new toys for your toy box.

6462disney_infinity_toy_box_racingThe toy box is where you can make whatever you want. A race track full of stunts, a soccer game in space, or maybe even a battle arena. It can be anything you think about. With the help of the magic wand, you can change how the terrain and plants look like, the color of blocks, edit and delete whatever piece you want, and set up logic connections. Logic connections can perform special actions, like have fireworks set off at the push of a button.

Disney-Infinity-Wave-1-Power-DiscsHere are just some of the power disks. I already explained how the round power disks work. There are two types of hexagonal power disks. Purple ones are for world customization. Some change the skybox, some change the terrain. Orange power disks spawn toys into your world, like cars, mounts, or weapons.

Sure the game is similar to Skylanders, but overall, it is a very fun game. It’s more than a game. More like an experience. I give Disney Infinity 4/5 stars.

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